So many of the things I’ve written over the years are hard to find, either because they’re behind paywalls or because they’re not easily available online. So for those of you who are very, very curious about my writing ability, I’m providing a number of PDF documents for your reading pleasure.

Here’s a copy of the first-person account of my time at Sputnik that I wrote for Politico Magazine, titled “My Life at a Russian Propaganda Network.”

Here is a PDF copy of a bunch of bylined articles I wrote while I was the White House Correspondent for Sputnik News.

Here’s a cover story I wrote for Washington Business Journal about Neustar’s attempts to restructure after losing a massive government contract.

Here is a PDF of a bunch of articles I wrote which appeared in the paper version of The Hill.

I wrote this story in The Hill about how Chuck Grassley’s hold on two FCC nominees was annoying his fellow Republicans.

Here’s another large PDF containing many articles I wrote for Communications Daily and Washington Internet Daily.

You can find things that I’ve written recently for right here.

Communications Daily and Washington Internet Daily are property of Warren Communications News, inc. BroadbandBreakfast News and are property of BroadbandCensus News LLC, and Sputnik News is the property of the Russian government. Washington Business Journal is the property of American City Business Journals, and CNN is a Time Warner company.