I am available to speak or moderate a discussion at your conference or event. However, if your event is outside the Washington, DC area, then I respectfully ask that you make it easy for me to attend by taking care of my travel to and from, as well as lodging starting the night before the event starts (or before my appearance) and ending the morning after the event ends (or after the day of my appearance). You get the idea.

If you are considering hiring me to write a piece for your publication, You should know that I have no problem with the standard terms that say work product created while on assignment will be considered a work for hire and therefore will be your property. But there is a caveat — I like taking photographs. And I insist on retaining ownership of any photographs taken while on assignment unless I have been specifically hired as a photographer for a separate fee in addition to what I charge for writing. If you haven’t hired me as a photographer but would like to use a photograph that I’ve taken, I’d be happy to negotiate a separate agreement.  In short, please don’t hire me as a writer with the idea that you’d get the photography for the piece gratis. I am a hard worker and will do whatever it takes to turn in an assignment on deadline and as requested. But I don’t like to be taken advantage of. Ok? Thanks!

You may reach me by email at