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Andrew Feinberg

North Bethesda MD 20852 ·


Political Reporter

Highly critical and experienced political journalist specialized in reporting on public policy, White House activity, legislative decisions, and technology/communication regulations. Expert at utilizing social media for finding and furthering stories, with a professional following of 34K+ on Twitter. Successful in creating and maintaining relationships with contact sources within the Executive branch, on Capitol Hill, and at Federal agencies. Excellent at developing and asking critical questions to garner insight and explanations from government officials on trending topics. Committed to objective truth, accountability, editorial independence, and journalistic ethics.

Areas of expertise:

·     Magazines & Newspapers

·     Newsletters

·     Wire Services

·     TV & Radio

·     Investigative Journalism

·     Enterprise Reporting

·     Breaking News

·     Technology & Communication

·     White House

·     Congress

·     Political Campaigns

·     Foreign & Domestic Policies

Professional Experience

Breakfast Media LLC ( and, Washington, DC
Managing Editor & White House Correspondent, 2016-Present
Deputy Editor, 2008-2010

Research and report on White House, legislation, and regulatory agency activities for Breakfast Media. Provide advice and edit stories for peer reporters and interns. Prepares questions, attends press conferences, and reports on White House Press Secretary and senior administration officials. Develop and maintain relationships with sources in Executive Branch, on Capitol Hill, and at Federal Agencies to obtain situational awareness through knowledge and understanding of motivations for key players, internal processes, and deliberations.

Sentinel Newspapers (Montgomery County Sentinel), Rockville, MD
Editor/Political Reporter (Part Time / Contract) 2017-2018

Wrote and researched topics on legislation, federal regulations, and executive branch actions for Montgomery County, Maryland, and Washington D.C. regions. Proactively followed breaking news stories while progressing on long term features. Interviewed industry experts and government officials and created partnerships with White House and Capitol Hill contacts to gain clarity and insight on new and developing stories. Attended press briefings, hearings, and markups for White House, Capitol Hill, and other government agencies to pose questions and prompt further explanations on important issues. Applied AP standards and edited peer projects before approving for publication.

RIA Global LLC (Sputnik Newswires), Washington D.C.
White House Correspondent, 2017

Actively attempted to uphold journalistic ethics and truthful reporting while serving as lead White House reporter for Russian government-owned news outlet. Wrote about daily White House events, with particular focus on US-Russian relations, homeland security/defense, and foreign policy. Attended campaign events, rallies, and protests in Washington D.C., as well as, across the US. Developed critical questions to ask at daily press conferences hosted by the White House Press Secretary. Resisted pressure to utilize questions which supported preferred narratives and policy positions of the Russian government. Abstained from on-camera interrogation of US political representatives to promote conspiracy theories.

  • Initiated chain of events which led to investigation of Russia’s news service; resulting in Department of Justice forcing Sputnik to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.
Various Publications, Washington D.C.
Freelance Journalist, 2010-2011, 2013-2015

Composed articles as a freelance reporter on politics, technology, telecommunications, and public policy for publications such as Washington Business Journal, SiliconAngle, Mashable, Politico Magazine, Social Times, Linux Journal, and Main Justice. Authored articles on inside account of operations at the Washington D.C. Bureau of Russia’s Sputnik Newswire service.

News Communications, Inc. (The Hill), Washington D.C.
Staff Writer, 2012

Researched, investigated, and reported on technology and communications policy beat for The Hill’s “Hillicon Valley” blog and technology section; writing articles on issues up for discussion in Congress, courts, and regulatory agencies. Composed feature articles covering breaking news stories on privacy, online safety, net neutrality, and cybersecurity. Fostered and developed relationships with key Congressional staff to gain insight on member opinions and pending legislation. Partnered with Federal Communications Commission staff to obtain information regarding progress of important proceedings or proposed rulemakings. Specialized reporting on Senator Charles Grassley’s use of holds to delay confirmation on two of President Obama’s FCC nominees.

  • First reporter to publish story on Senate GOP frustration of Grassley’s actions and later his hold removal for Senate confirmation vote.
Warren Communications News, Washington D.C. (Communication Daily, Washington Internet Daily, Public Broadcasting Report)
Assistant Editor, 2008

Wrote and researched technology and telecommunications policies in Congress, courts, and regulatory agencies for insider-focused daily newsletters. Specialized in topics on net neutrality, privacy, cybersecurity, and other Internet policy matters. Besides supportive duties as assistant editor for daily publications, acted as lead editor and reporter for biweekly Public Broadcasting Report.

  • First to write on House Administration Committee Democratic plan to regulate members’ use of social media. Story led to protests by transparency advocates and motivated House and Senate to change ruling to protect members’ right to use social media such as tweeting from the floor.
  • Reported on early signs of House Republicans’ embracing Facebook, Twitter, and live streaming video apps to correspond with constituents such as utilizing #DontGo on Twitter to protest House Democrats vote for August recess when bills were still left to discuss.

Bachelor of Arts in History & History of Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

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