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I’m no longer at Sputnik.



So I’m sure the reason you’re on this site is that you’re interested in why I’m no longer at Sputnik.

I’ll let people who are better at this sort of thing tell my story in outlets that are far more widely read than my blog, but I’ll say this — accountability in journalism matters. The truth matters. Your name matters. The only thing a reporter has is his byline and his integrity, and they go hand in hand because if you don’t put a name at the top of something you can say whatever you want and no one person can be held accountable.

You are accountable for what appears under your name, and you should never print anything without it. Because your name at the top of a story is a promise that it is the truth, and that you will stand by that truth. Don’t let anyone deny you the right to speak the truth — that is the job.

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