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More media appearances because Sputnik has an FM radio station now



Sputnik News (my former employer) recently began broadcasting on a low-power FM radio station in the Washington, DC area. A few news organizations have had the good sense to reach out to me when writing stories about the matter and ask me what I think of Sputnik’s inroads into the DC-area radio dial, and of the news service in general.

One such story was in the always excellent Montgomery County Sentinel, and reads thusly:

Andrew Feinberg, a former White House correspondent for Sputnik, said his former employer is a propaganda outlet, and that the programs that they broadcast over the radio will be exclusively opinion without news. Feinberg left Sputnik in May, saying the outlet did not let him report independently.

“The casual channel-surfer, dial-twister, is not necessarily going to know that this is propaganda funded by a foreign government,” Feinberg said.

Two other stories in which I was quoted were by reporters from Voice of America and Al Jazeera — both of which are state-owned news services to which Sputnik often compares itself, despite the fact that both are award-winning news organizations which are renown for their editorial independence and journalistic integrity.

Here’s the video by Al Jazeera:


And here’s the video from Voice of America

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