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White House Press Briefing Questions

Sometimes a question can make a real difference. Probably way too much focus has been put on the White House’s daily press briefing, but for better or worse, that’s the way it is.

Here are some examples of the kinds of questions I ask. Some may seem repetitive, but that’s because when I don’t get an answer, I’ll often ask each time I see that person until I get one.


Why did the White House have a pastor who has said Jews will go to hell speak at the opening of the new American embassy in Jerusalem?

Watch what Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah has to say after I ask him.


The Trump administration DOJ tried putting out a report tying immigration to terrorism. The problem is none of the terrorism crimes had anything to do with hurting Americans.




What kind of immigration bill wouldn’t result in GOP fears of being a “magnet” for immigrants?

Watch me ask Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen what sort of immigration bill or policy wouldn’t get slammed as “encouraging” people to come here illegally in hopes of being covered by the bill.


Why does the Trump administration only seem to pick on one dictator?

In July of┬álast year, the Trump administration sanctioned Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro’s government. They’ve imposed stricter sanctions a few times, and each time I’ve asked them why they’re singling out Maduro as a dictator even as President Trump praises and congratulates other dictators.





Mick Mulvaney can’t make up his mind

In May 2017, Congress passed an omnibus spending bill that OMB Director Mick Mulvaney said was a win-win for both Republicans and Democrats. The next day, President Trump ordered him to go out and tell reporters that it had actually been a “total defeat” for Democrats. I asked him about what had changed.





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